Sharp Pencils is committed to professional standards in the coaching industry. Jennie is certified as a Professional Certified Coach, with over 1200 coaching hours experience, by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF Code of Ethics is used in all client engagements. Professional development in the core competencies identified for coaches globally is an ongoing focus.

In 2012 Jennie participated in the Australian – Bulgarian Cross Development (ABCD) Initiative. The Victorian ICF Chapter won an award for this program, which matched a small number of experienced coaches from Australian with new coaches in Bulgaria.    Jennie joined the ICF Australasia Professional Standards Committee in 2016.

Neuroleaderdship_Institute_MemberMembership of the Institute gives access to the latest research and thinking in the field of NeuroLeadership. Understanding the brain and how we solve problems, make decisions, think creatively, form interpersonal relationships, change and regulate emotions provides opportunities for taking leadership to a new level.


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