What clients say

About their Coaching Experience

“You can’t put a value on this kind of learning.  It is priceless.  I have absolute clarity for the first time in years.  I know exactly what i need to do, and have the confidence to just do it.”  

Small Business Owner, Brunswick

   “My level of job satisfaction has increased as a result of coaching sessions with Jennie. I …

  •  am more assertive
  •  have refreshed my tool kit by tweaking  existing tools  and introducing new ones
  • improved my working relationship with my Manager. ”

Sales Manager, Sanofi Aventis

I was most impressed with Jennie’s methods and can personally highly recommend her to any CEO or business person who wants to get more out of their staff.”       

 Director, Entre Nous

“Coaching with Jennie was incredibly valuable. I have reached personal goals that on my own would have taken over three years to achieve. ” 

 Client Delivery Manager, PageUp People


Facilitation and Speaking experiences

Our Team – From Good to Great: “This session was fantastic. Very practical tools that can be implemented – not airy fairy thinking.”

Rethinking Change:
“ Jennie’s style is spot on. She is very encouraging, energetic and focussed on reflection and participation.”  

Success Enablers for Women:
“I found your session to be extremely informative and inspiring; the whole day impacted me so much that when I had my performance review the following day I had the confidence to voice my leadership aspirations.  If the review had been one week earlier I suspect it could have been very different!” 

Difficult Conversations Made Easier:
“Thanks heaps for one of the most informative and beneficial courses I have ever done.”  

Adding Science to the Art of Leadership : “Fantastic presenter and great use of research, humour and practical examples.”


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